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Sugaring Hair Removal Vs Waxing

Sugaring hair removal or Sugar Waxing is intrinsically different to Waxing in many aspects. Here is a summary: Sugaring Hair Removal Waxing Used at body temperature, no risk of burns Used hot, can burn the skin Spread against hair growth Spread in the direction of hair growth Pulled in the direction of hair growth Pulled… Read More »

Who can benefit from body sugaring hair removal

Everybody can benefit from sugaring, however some of us will appreciate it even more. Body sugaring is so gentle that not only you can sugar on top of eczema or psoriasis, but it actually helps to alleviate and even reduce the condition. With sugaring, besides removing the hairs, you are gently exfoliating the skin, removing… Read More »

Eliminating ingrown hairs with sugaring

Sugaring can lead to permanent hair reduction by following a simple routine. If you are sugaring for the first time, your hair will regrow at different times because of the hair-cycle, however if you continue sugaring regularly every 2-3 weeks your hair will start growing all at the same time, extending the hair free period… Read More »