Laura LucianiMy name is Laura Luciani and I’m passionate about health and natural products. As an Esthetician and salon owner I’m a daily witness to the advantages of body sugaring hair removal. I was introduced to sugaring by one of my staff members about two years ago. Since then, we have pretty much stopped waxing. Every new client that comes asking for waxing is offered to try sugaring, and once they try it, they never go back to waxing.

It is SO MUCH BETTER (I cannot stress it enough) than waxing that I decided to help spread the word. With this website I’m trying to make it available to everyone, even those who cannot afford a monthly salon visit or are not comfortable having a stranger removing the hair from their intimate areas. So, for everyone out there who wants to sugar at home, this site is for you.

In this website you will find the sugar paste recipe as well as a sugaring hair removal technique that you can do yourself at home. I’m also planning on adding a series of training videos on how to sugar with the hand method.

If you prefer to have your body sugaring done by a professional there is a comprehensive directory of Beauty Salons that offer this service.

Happy sugaring!

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