How to Sugar

How to Sugar: Sugaring Technique

How to sugar hair removal

Before you start I must warn you that it’s not easy to master the sugaring hair removal technique, it requires a lot of practice. Many beauty salons don’t offer sugaring because of this. Beginner sugarists go through lots of models before attempting to sugar clients, and even then they may not be good at it.

If your technique is not good you may have difficulty removing the hair or the sugar may get stuck on the skin and you may not be able to lift it. You can also cause unnecessary pain or bruising when flicking the paste. If you are experiencing difficulties read the tips bellow and check to see what you are doing wrong, maybe try a few different things.

  1. Body Sugaring hair removal doesn’t work if your skin is oily or sweaty (wet). Moisture and oil stops the sugar wax from sticking to your hairs, so before starting you need to clean and dry the skin. You may want to apply talcum powder or corn starch to the skin to help absorb any moisture. Underarms and brazilian tend to sweat a lot, so if you see that the hairs are not sticking to the sugar, reapply talcum.
  2. With your hand take a ball of sugar paste on the tips of your fingers. It is best, but not necessary, to wear good quality disposable gloves. If you are not wearing gloves, you may want to use a spatula to pick up the sugar, you don’t want to contaminate the whole pot. The size of the sugar ball will depend on the area you are sugaring. If you are sugaring your lip, just a small amount, the size of a large candy should be enough. If you are doing your legs you’ll need the size of a small lemon.
  3. Using the tips of your fingers spread the sugar wax on your skin against the direction of hair growth. Depending on the strength of the hair one pass may be enough, however I would recommend combing the area with your fingertips 2-3 times before pulling.
  4. At the end of the last pass relax your wrist and flick your hand in the opposite direction (in the direction of hair growth) to remove the sugar and hair. This has to be a quick motion parallel to your skin.
  5. With your other hand you should hold the skin tight not to cause bruising and to facilitate the lifting of the sugar.

Body Sugaring Tips

  1. Make sure you pay attention to the direction in which the hair grows. In some areas, such as the back of the legs and arms, the hair tends to grow in many different directions. The hair won’t come out if you are sugar waxing in the wrong direction. The flicking motion always needs to be in the direction of hair growth.
  2. You can spread the sugar in a large area, however when flicking always do it in small bits, till your wrist will go.
  3. When you flick, keep the motion parallel to the skin, you don’t want to pull out in a perpendicular way.
  4. If your hair is long you may want to trim it to 5-6mm before starting otherwise it will hurt when you spread the sugar.
  5. If you are finding the hair is really tough to remove, you may want to leave the sugar there for a few seconds to soak into the follicles. This will lubricate the hair and make it easier to remove.
  6. Sugaring hair removal can be fiddly. If the temperature is too cold the paste will become stiffer and harder to apply. If the temperature is too warm the sugar will be too soft and difficult to flick. If the paste tends to get hard quickly you may need to make a new batch and cook it less. If you are finding it hard to pick up you may need to cook it more.
  7. If you are sugaring your legs or a large area, you may find that after a while the paste becomes too stiff to work with. This may be because it is full of dead cells and hairs and you may need to get a new ball of sugar.
  8. The brazilian area and the inside of the thighs tend to be warmer than the rest of the body. If you are finding difficulty flicking out the paste, you will need a stiffer paste (longer cooking).
  9. When you get stuck in an area and cannot flick off the sugar, just leave the sugar resting there while you work on other areas and try again later. You will find that sometimes this works. If this still doesn’t work you can press a waxing strip over the area and pull it off like wax, or you can just wash the area with warm water. Another way that also works is to get a new ball of sugar and spread in on top, then flick in the normal manner.
  10. Make sure the skin is always tight, if you pull with the skin lose the hair may not come out and you will cause pain and bruising.
  11. If the hairs don’t stick to the sugar two things may be happening: either you didn’t clean the area well or your skin is sweating. Apply talcum and try again.
  12. If you have little bits of sugar left behind on the skin you can pick it up with your ball of sugar (sugar sticks to sugar).
  13. Don’t worry if you get sugar paste on the towels, floor, or clothing, it washes off with water.
  14. If you experience pain in some areas, rub the area with your clean hand to block out the pain.
  15. If your flicking movement is too stiff you may experience difficulties lifting up the sugar, relax your wrist and try again.
  16. Body Sugaring hair removal should hurt less than waxing, if not, you are doing something wrong.
  17. If you don’t get it right the first few times don’t give up, practice makes perfect.