Is your sugar getting stuck?

By | November 25, 2015

Are you having troubles sugaring? are you getting stuck and unable to flick off? There are many reasons why this may be happening, here is a list of possible problems and solutions:

Sugar Waxing

1. Sugar paste is too runny

Your sugar paste may be too runny. If you made the paste yourself it could be that you didn’t let it cook long enough, you can return it to the fire and let it boil for 1 more minute.

2. Weather is too hot

In warm and humid locations you need to use a thicker/harder sugar paste – a paste that has been cooked for longer. If you are making your own sugar wax experiment with the cooking time allowing to boil for a few more seconds or minutes. If you are buying the paste you will find that most manufacturers carry sugar paste in different consistences, choose a harder one.

3. You are using the wrong paste for that part of the body

Areas such as the brazilian or inner thighs tend to be hotter than the rest of the body and depending on your skill level you may need to change your sugar paste to a harder consistency one for that specific part of the body.

4. Sugar wax changes consistency

If you are sugaring a large area or many body parts you may find that the consistency of your sugar changes and it may become harder to work with it. In some cases it may turn too hard and difficult to spread, specially if you are doing full legs or you have abundant hair and dead skin cells. You need to throw away the used sugar paste and get a new ball of sugar.

However, sometimes it is the opposite that happens, the sugar wax becomes too sticky and difficult to flick. Again, the best solution in this case is to continue with a new ball of sugar.

How to get out of a sticky situation

First of all check your flick-off technique because the problem may be in your wrist. Make sure you relax your wrist and flick off with your hand and parallel to the skin. If your wrist is stiff or you are stressed it may be more difficult to remove the sugar.

For all the cases above, if your sugar is too runny and you are unable to flick it off, there are two solutions to remove it from your skin:

  • You can try scooping a small ball of a thicker/harder sugar wax and spread it on top of the runny sugar. Now try to lift it off normally. If this still doesn’t work you may need to use a waxing strip (you can also use a piece of fabric) to remove the sugar. Press the strip firmly over the area, lift the edges on one side and pull following the direction of hair growth.
    If you are new at sugaring and are having difficulties managing the technique, you can spread the sugar thinly and use strips to remove it. Make sure that you follow the direction of the hair: spread against hair growth and pull in the direction of growth, otherwise you will loose the sugaring advantage.
  • To remove sugar from your skin you can wash it off with warm water. Depending on the amount of sugar you have applied this can take you a while to remove and you may need to pop in the bath or shower to make it easier. Using a wax strip as above is much quicker.


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